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Meet Our Team

Rosemary Solomon


Tom Solomon


Assurance Testing Services Inc.

was founded by Tom & Rosemary Solomon in 1990. Prior to starting ATS, Rosemary, a licensed practical nurse, was an examiner for 4 years and marketed and serviced her way into business. Rosemary created a loyal following of agents that insisted she examine their clients due to her attention to detail, follow through, and wonderful personality. Word traveled fast and the clientele grew. Tom, a Florida licensed HVAC contractor at the time, had been in business for eleven years and had the business accumen to start and help guide ATS to become the company that it is today. With over thirty mobile medical professionals and a national network of over two hundred and thirty affiliate offices, ATS continues to grow. ATS remains ready to serve the existing customer base with the service level they have become accustomed to, while welcoming new clients by delivering customer service beyond compare.


WILLIAM McKINLEY THE 25TH U.S. PRESIDENT, once had to choose between two equally qualified men for a key job. He puzzled over the choice until he remembered a long-ago incident.

On a rainy night, McKinley had boarded a crowded streetcar. One of the men he was now considering had also been aboard, though he didn't see McKinley. Then an old woman carrying a basket of laundry struggled into the car, looking in vain for a seat. The job canidate pretended not to see her and kept his seat. McKinley gave up his seat to help her.

Remembering the episode, which he called "this little omission of kindness", McKinley decided against the man on the streetcar. Our decisions---even the small, fleeting ones-----tell a lot about us.

Sometimes the things you don't do say as much about us as the things that you do.

Adapted from Presidential Anecdotes

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