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Occupational Health Services

We know that managers can't tell everything about a potential employee just by looking at their employment application, which is why drug and alcohol screening is so important in the employment process. Through substance abuse screening services, clients can help prevent hazardous working conditions, costly employee errors, job-related accidents and performance problems while promoting a healthy, safe and productive workplace. From pre-employment, regulated/non-regulated, random/periodic, follow-up and emergency services, our network of 230 branch locations and mobile specimen collection services provide clients with complete drug and alcohol screening to fit their needs.

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Through our unique mobile specimen collection services, we take the hassle out of drug and alcohol specimen collections. Our 6,000 specially trained medical professionals set up screening events at clients' locations, making the process fast and convenient for both employees and employers. Clients can also choose to send employees to one of our 230 branch locations, where we offer fast, complete specimen collection services in a friendly office environment. Unlike a clinic setting that also offers other health-related services, our branch locations are dedicated to only handling specimen collection, which means no lengthy wait times and no exposure to potential illness from other patients.

Wellness Services

In an effort to curb the double-digit increases in the cost of healthcare and ensure a healthy, productive workplace, many clients are adding wellness programs to their benefit offerings.These programs help employees better understand their current health status and encourage them to make positive lifestyle changes. This can ultimately result in increased morale, less absenteeism, increased employee retention, and reduced healthcare costs.

ATS's innovative services enhance clients' wellness programs to ensure a successful, effective program that educates employees and improves their well-being. Whether clients require medically-trained staff for a health fair, want to administer a health risk assessment or need to conduct a health-related survey to employees, we can personalize our wellness services to work for them.

Clinical Trials

When a pharmaceutical company is bringing a drug to market, they want the most extensive clinical trial support services available to get their drug to market as quickly as possible while still collecting the highest-quality data. That's why we specialize in support services for clinical trials that focus on quality data and specimen collection, comprehensive medical record services and industry-leading call center support services that are all designed to adhere to the most stringent trial protocols.

Throughout all our services, clients can be assured that we strictly comply to all applicable regulations, including NIH Human Subject Protection Standards, and provide project-specific training to our staff regarding all applicable regulations and protocols.

Assurance Testing is a true partner in the underwriting process by providing clients with accurate, timely and cost-effective underwriting solutions. With our partner afiliations, EMSI, & Portamedic we are the insurance industry’s leading full-service evidence provider and the premier source for information gathering and insurance underwriting needs.

Through our afiliation with EMSIOnline and Portamedic Direct, our clients can access all of our services from paramedical examinations and medical records retrieval to motor vehicle reports and inspections. We cover the entire country with over 230 paramedical locations and six call centers, which handle 20,000 to 30,000 outbound calls a day.

We not only know our business, we also understand the life and health markets. In fact, we set the standards for the industry by building processes and developing cutting-edge, technology-driven solutions but more importantly, it's our customer service that separates us from other services. Our rhetoric matches our reality.

We have the size, scope and experience to provide insurance carriers,agents, doctors, individuals and brokers with a full array of services, which can be customized to meet clients'’ specific requirements.

Concierge Exams

Medical Record Retrieval (APS)

Paramedical Examinations


Brokerage Services

Assurance Testing Services offers clients complete and accurate DNA collection by a professional, specially trained staff of health professionals in any one of our affiliate offices 230 locations and on a mobile or in office basis servicing 15,000 cities and communities in the U.S., Guam, and Puerto Rico. Our highly skilled staff provides clients with a variety of sophisticated options for DNA specimen collection needs, including:

Buccal Swab collections (Paternity & Immigration)

Fresh Blood Collections

Filter Paper samples


Tissue samples

When collecting DNA, there are many ways to obtain results to establish paternity or identification. Our staff can help clients fully understand the available options for collecting, including the most invasive type of sample.

We understand the sensitive nature of DNA testing, and the need for complete patient confidentiality and establishment of a legal chain of custody during the collection process. Our extensive network offers clients secure and efficient collection of DNA samples at one of over 230 nationwide locations or at another convenient location within 24 to 48 hours in most cases. We provide collection services for these specific DNA tests:




Grand paternity

Avuncular Index

Mitochondrial Test

Y-Chromosome Study

Twin Zygosity


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